Hello and Thank You for visiting www.cotnercomputing.com!

My name is Ash and I am the owner of Cotner Computing.

Ever since I was a teenager, technology has fascinated me.  I always had to tinker and play with the newest and best pieces of technology.  It consumed me, and soon I had learned quite a bit about it, and I knew I had a future involving tech.

As I started getting old, computers started transforming and becoming more and more accessible to everyone.  This is when I truly began to start to work with computers.  I purchased my first computer in 1996 and I have never looked back.  During this age, not many people knew much about PC’s and they often had to get repairs fixed at costly and annoying shops.  To help out with this I often did some repairs for my friends and neighbors for a cheap rate just to help out.

This transformed into me eventually starting Cotner Computing, and here we are today!