My Experience With A Tactical Flashlight!

Now although I own a Computer repair business, I am not the type of person that sits inside all day and works with computers.  Although I love flashlighttechnology, I also love being outside and enjoying the great outdoors.  I grew up with a family that was extremely outdoorsy and we always spent time together camping and hiking.  With all this experience hiking and camping with my family, my father taught me one truly important lesson about being outside in the great outdoors.  This lesson is to always be prepared when you are spending time outside!  This is extremely important, and it has saved my life a few times when I brought my tactical flashlight from Tactical Tutor!

This happened about six months ago, when I was out camping alone with my dog in the great mountains of Colorado.  It was getting dark and my fire was starting to die down.  As the fire started dying down, my visibility of my campsite started to become very low.  Normally this would be fine if I was camping with other people and there were other groups of campers around.  But, I was in a very forested part of the park, and there was no-one around me within probably five miles.  So, I had no way of knowing if there was a dangerous animal or even a dangerous person near me.  But thankfully I brought my tactical flashlight.  I heard a noise, and I flicked on my flashlight and I lit up the whole forest!  I scanned the area with my 500 lumen flashlight and I could see everything, including a large black bear.  The bear was about forty yards away but it was approaching the camp site.  As I flicked on the flashlight, it startled the bear, and the black bear ended up scampering off when it saw the light.  All in all, I am so glad I had my tactical flashlight at this time, because it definitely saved my life from a dangerous situation!